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Tad Craig Photography bio picture

Greetings from Beautiful Maui Hawaii

Born in Aspen, and raised in Telluride, Colorado, Tad has 
always had a passion for the outdoors and a reverence for the 
beauty of his natural surroundings.

Tad received his first camera, a Nikon FE2, as a high school 
graduation gift. Since then, he has been obsessed with 
perfecting his craft, constantly pushing himself to create 
better, more beautiful images. He began his career as a sports 
photographer shooting extreme sports in Colorado, Oregon, and 

The transition from Sports to Wedding Photographer evolved  with the help of three things: A Public Relations degree from C.U. Boulder, years of experience working in Five Star Hotels 
and a solid photography background. Tad skillfully blends 
traditional techniques with spontaneous photojournalism. The 
striking quality of his photographs is rooted in the basics: 
clean, simple compositions, a candid eye toward his subjects, 
and the ability to step out of the way to allow the 
breathtaking beauty of the Pacific speak for itself.

Tad prides himself on treating clients like friends and takes an 
invitation to photograph every event to heart. His professional, 
easy going personality will help make your special day relaxed, 
hassle free, and fun. His creative eye, attention to detail, and 
friendly, approachable nature have made him one of the most sought 
after photographers on the Islands. His gift for connecting with 
people and consistently delivering beautiful images will help turn 
your wedding dreams into reality.

Monthly Archives: August 2011

Rachel & Michael’s Sweet Maui Beach Wedding

This was a a great couple full of joy & laughter & SO EXCITED to finally get married. Altough the wind was blowing really hard at the begining, it eventually subsided.
They both laughed & enjoyed the moment.
Tori Rogers of Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners took care of all of the beautiful details.
Alalani of Kuhina Hawaiian Blessing’s made it official with a very special ceremony. Great Couple & I wish them the very best!

September 20, 2011 - 7:38 PM Tori Rogers - Tad, the photos came out awesome! They had so much fun with the photo session! Thanks for being your amazing, talented self!

~~Keely & Konrad, Steal away to Maui for their Nuptials~~~

Their choices were: either have a GIANT full blown wedding in California, OR steal away just the two of them & do it here in Maui! They chose the later not even inviting their five children. They wanted it Simple & Beautiful & Romantic & Amazing!
Maui did not disapoint them, as the evening was perfect!
With Vance doing the honnors, on a secluded hawaiian beach, they said their “I DO’s” to each other & laughed & enjoyed EVERY Single Moment! (Of course the bottle of Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Champagne helped as well.) I loved that they were so playful with each other & 100% connected. My favorite pics are near the end with them sitting on the rocks. Gorgeous! After their departure from the south side, their limo wisked them off to Mama’s Fish House for their first dinner as Mr. & Mrs!
Congrats to Keely & Konrad!

Kristy & Hugo’s Beautiful Paradise Point Wedding

My first meeting with Kristy & Hugo was late last fall. They were both delighted in planning their life together and I knew their wedding was going to be fun to photograph.
Fast forward ten months & all that planning was finally coming to fruition! They are both HUGE Charger fans. Kristy not only had the Charger garter, but also a Charger Groom cake made for her husband. With incredibly excited friends & family by their sides, they married & then turned up the volume!
The location on Maui’s Westside was absolutely perfect, ending with a stunning sunset.
After some well said toasts, they danced & danced & danced. I mean even Hugo’s grandmother was “ripping up” the dance floor. Looking through the pictures you will see 2 “Planking” pictures. In all the years I had never taken one & suddedly its all the rage. Too fun!
Enjoy the pictures & a BIG congrats to Kristy & Hugo!
A Hui Ho!!!

TEN years in the making & Ileana and Dax finally Marry!

From earlier conversations with the coordinator I knew this wedding was going to be “Super Fabulous”! I just did not know HOW “Super Fabulous” it actually was going to be.
Ileana & Dax had been dating for ten years and have a three year old daughter. She had bought her AMAZING dress, three years earlier, and had kept it hidden from her husband for all that time.
Living in Las Vegas, their busy lifestyle had not permited them to get married sooner & finally the day came to say “I DO”!
With about 60 of their closest friends & family, they said their nuptials to each other. The evening was beautiful with soft clouds making the light easy to work with & comfortable as everyone enjoyed the evening. Their little girl was SO Cute. She constantly was doing little “cute” things which made for great photos.
Their sunset they scored was also amazing.
Leah Robb of Island Wedding Memories not only coordinated the evenings events, but also made all the incredible flowers that adorned the tables.

Enjoy the pictures & Congrats to Ileana & Dax!

Ten years in the making & Ileana & Dax finally Marry (DETAIL PIX)