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Tad Craig Photography bio picture

Greetings from Beautiful Maui Hawaii

Born in Aspen, and raised in Telluride, Colorado, Tad has 
always had a passion for the outdoors and a reverence for the 
beauty of his natural surroundings.

Tad received his first camera, a Nikon FE2, as a high school 
graduation gift. Since then, he has been obsessed with 
perfecting his craft, constantly pushing himself to create 
better, more beautiful images. He began his career as a sports 
photographer shooting extreme sports in Colorado, Oregon, and 

The transition from Sports to Wedding Photographer evolved  with the help of three things: A Public Relations degree from C.U. Boulder, years of experience working in Five Star Hotels 
and a solid photography background. Tad skillfully blends 
traditional techniques with spontaneous photojournalism. The 
striking quality of his photographs is rooted in the basics: 
clean, simple compositions, a candid eye toward his subjects, 
and the ability to step out of the way to allow the 
breathtaking beauty of the Pacific speak for itself.

Tad prides himself on treating clients like friends and takes an 
invitation to photograph every event to heart. His professional, 
easy going personality will help make your special day relaxed, 
hassle free, and fun. His creative eye, attention to detail, and 
friendly, approachable nature have made him one of the most sought 
after photographers on the Islands. His gift for connecting with 
people and consistently delivering beautiful images will help turn 
your wedding dreams into reality.

Category Archives: Makena Cove

Alyssa & Michael Retie The Knot & then trash the dress

Both Alyssa & Michael were so excited to “Retie” the knot after 8 years of marriage. They had a morning renewal at Makena Cove & it was picture perfect! (Although very hot). After a sweet little ceremony by Pastor Vance, we did some pictures. In conversation, I casually suggested that maybe they should go in the water. They both thought about it for about, ummmm (1 minute) & agreed that Yes they should go “Trash the dress”! So much fun! Enjoy the pictures & congrats to Alyssa & Michael!

Mary & Dan get the “Goods” @ Makena Cove

Not only did Mary & Dan have Makena Cove to themselves on their wedding day, but they were blessed with dramatic waves & an incredible sunset as well. They were both having a blast laughing with each other the ENTIRE evening. Enjoy the pics!!!!

Alicia & Patrick @ Makena Cove

This day started off cloudy & looked like there was ZERO chance of a nice sunset. Who would have thought it would have turned out so incredible!