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Tad Craig Photography bio picture

Greetings from Beautiful Maui Hawaii

Born in Aspen, and raised in Telluride, Colorado, Tad has 
always had a passion for the outdoors and a reverence for the 
beauty of his natural surroundings.

Tad received his first camera, a Nikon FE2, as a high school 
graduation gift. Since then, he has been obsessed with 
perfecting his craft, constantly pushing himself to create 
better, more beautiful images. He began his career as a sports 
photographer shooting extreme sports in Colorado, Oregon, and 

The transition from Sports to Wedding Photographer evolved  with the help of three things: A Public Relations degree from C.U. Boulder, years of experience working in Five Star Hotels 
and a solid photography background. Tad skillfully blends 
traditional techniques with spontaneous photojournalism. The 
striking quality of his photographs is rooted in the basics: 
clean, simple compositions, a candid eye toward his subjects, 
and the ability to step out of the way to allow the 
breathtaking beauty of the Pacific speak for itself.

Tad prides himself on treating clients like friends and takes an 
invitation to photograph every event to heart. His professional, 
easy going personality will help make your special day relaxed, 
hassle free, and fun. His creative eye, attention to detail, and 
friendly, approachable nature have made him one of the most sought 
after photographers on the Islands. His gift for connecting with 
people and consistently delivering beautiful images will help turn 
your wedding dreams into reality.

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My Great Aunt Vivian’s 100 year Birthday Party!

I just returned from My Great Aunt Vivian’s 100 year Birthday party in Vancouver B.C.! My Aunt is quite an extraordinary women who keeps herself very fit with regular excerise, a simple diet & lots of socializing with her bowling league & at her local country club.
Check this out, on her 99th year, 364th day, with the Vancouver TV cameras rolling, she threw a strike at her bowling alley. The camera operater was trained on her, but he missed it. After throwing the strike & realizing that the videographer had missed it, she exclaimed, “what, you missed it?” She then grabbed her ball, turned & threw another strike! Actually she threw a total of four strikes that day. Totally amazing! Want to know more about this incredible women? Check this out. When she was 95 years old, she became the OLDEST women in the world to get “a hole in one” at her local, Point Grey Golf Country Club. You can see for yourself in the Guiness Book of World Records & in Ripleys Believe it or not!

Looking at the pictures, you can find 101 Red Roses as well as her own Golf Cart with her name on it. There are the two panaroma’s. The first of the snow capped peaks surrounding Vancouver & the other is the view from my aunts 11 story view of West Vancouver! Also look for the birthday card from Queen Elizabeth!!! My Aunt got BIRTHDAY WISHES from the Queen of England!!! SO Cool! Enjoy!

Being a wedding & portrait photographer I have covered COUNTLESS amazing events that moved me to tears with emotions! This was such an event and such an honor to be there for My aunt Vivian’s 100 year birthday party, not to mention that I got to meet SO many Cousins & Aunties & Uncles & Family I never even knew I had.

CONGRATULATIONS TO MY AUNTIE & I look forward to going to her 110 birthday a few years from now!!!

March 23, 2011 - 3:40 PM Denise Black - What an amazing woman! Soooo very cool!

March 3, 2011 - 2:42 PM patsy Scott - Really great pictures Tad.. good job..

Anders marries Sarabenet in Northen California

My Best buddy Chris from College, Marries Jennifer in Tahoe


Yes, my best friend finally asked Jennifer to Marry him & of course I was there photographer. I flew from Maui on the red eye to Reno & then drove to Northern Tahoe hours before the wedding. It was raining but that did not nothing to stop the beauty of the day. The ceremony was in Garwoods Restaurant & soon after they were married the rain stopped long enough for us to go down to the peir. The wedding was fantastic & the after party even better! Congratulations Chris & Jenn!

January 13, 2010 - 8:21 AM Jennifer - Your pictures are so amazing! You captured the very best moments that I will never forget. These pictures are priceless and I can't imagine the wedding being so beautiful without you being there. You've got amazing talent and I am so grateful for you making the trip out and adding so much value to our very special day! We can't thank you enought xoxo Jen and Chris

Stan & Alieda @ The Princeville, Kauai

I flew over to Kauai to shoot this beautiful wedding in 2002. I was shooting w 2 Nikon F5’s, & a Mamiya7II (med format camera). The Princeville has the MOST spectacular views & if you have not been there, you must go at some point ! Enjoy the images!